Imagine You is a consultancy that provides colour analysis, style and presentation advice.  It's about imagining the best possible you that you can be, and gaining the confidence to be that person.  Colour analysis is a system that assesses your hair colour, skin undertone and eye colour, using coloured fabric drapes close to your face to determine which colours are the best fit.

Would you like to know the most flattering colours for you? Through colour analysis your best hues can be identified which helps you to look and feel brighter, fresher and even younger! When you are in the right colours you feel more confident knowing that you look your very best.

Do you have a pile of clothes in your wardrobe but feel you have nothing to wear? Knowing the colours that suit you means that when you go shopping you buy the colours that look best on you.  Then you can be confident that what you grab out of your wardrobe will be your correct colours and best of all, the items in your wardrobe will look good together.

Do you walk into a fashion store and get overwhelmed by the choice of colours? Once you have the discovered your colours, you can save time (and money) ignoring the ones that don't.  It saves on making expensive mistakes, buying something that is not really right for you that you never wear because you don't feel good in it.

Have you ever had a compliment about what you are wearing, but not how you look in it? Wearing your best colours, ensures that it's you who is complimented, not your clothes!  Clothes are there to enhance us, not be the focus of attention itself (unless you are a model!)

Are you planning to go to a special event but are uncertain of what to wear? A great place to start is knowing the colours that will help you glow!  There are so many beautiful colours out there, not just black!  Choose the ones that help you look and feel your best.

Do you have someone in your life who struggles to know what shirt goes with what trousers or tie? Understanding the colours that suit best, takes away that doubt and makes dressing stylishly much easier.

Imagine You is based in Rockhampton, Queensland.

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