Wardrobe Audit and Management

Once we have completed your Colour and Style analysis the most natural progression is to do a
wardrobe audit.

  • Do you look in your wardrobe with despair and think ‘I have nothing to wear!’ Even though your wardrobe is full?
  • Are there garments in your wardrobe that are no longer suitable: they are the wrong colour, style, size or fashion?
  • Do you have more clutter than useful items in your wardrobe?

We come to your home and take an inventory of your existing wardrobe.

Then we help you to decide which items to discard. Having an unbiased and educated opinion makes it easier. We also suggest ways you can combine your existing items to make better use of them and recommend possible new acquisitions.

Imagine You…

Being able to select from your wardrobe, stylish, well co-ordinated outfits for any occasion
with ease.

For wardrobe harmony, call now on: 9446 5637 or

Go on! You're worth it!